Greenscreen Instant Photography

PRIOR to the event, Party On Photos meets to discuss design ideas.  Next, our creative team customizes digital backgrounds, logos and borders based on your event theme or personal preferences.

AT the event, our professional photographers photograph your guests in front of a green screen.

THE photo is wirelessly sent to a computer and quickly edited into one of your pre-approved backgrounds using the latest chroma key software.

WE send the photo to an iPad station for guests to view.  From there, the guest can print on 5x7 photo lab quality paper, email and upload to Facebook & Twitter making it fun and interactive for all guests.

ALL printed photos come with a black cardboard, easel-style frame that provides a finished look for displaying in the home or office.

AT the end of the event, you'll receive a USB Drive with all of the pictures from your event.  These are your pictures (NO COPYRIGHTS) allowing you to make, print or post online, etc...

Party On Photos


Photo Booths

Photo Booths are limiting.  Our state of the art photo station allows for larger groups, faster lines, custom designs, high-quality

framed photos and our professional photographers provide friendly and fun interactions with guests.




How It Works

         Seeing Is Believing!

Combining the world of technology, photography and social media allows for memories to be captured and shared instantly providing guests with a lasting keepsake. Our custom-designed backgrounds, logos and borders are a perfect complement to a variety of occasions.


Guests receive a photo lab quality framed digital 5x7 to remember. 

       Additional Services

Instant Event Photography

        (941) 704-6614

Visit our contact page today to discuss how we can best personalize your next event!

You've worked hard to plan an unforgettable event, Let us help them remember it!

Instant Photography Station

This is great for events where the background is already present or space is limited.  (i.e. Holiday sittings with Santa or Easter Bunny)


Duplicates of many of the photos are printed and placed in a scrapbook where guests can write personal messages near their photos.  This is especially nice since hosting an event seems like a blur the next day!


Props are available for an additional fee.

Digital Video Transfer

Preserve your past in a safe digital manner that is easier to store and edit on your own computer.

Whether you have video tapes of any kind or any type of DVD's, we can transfer your family memories to MP4 files on USB drives.

As a customer oriented business, Party On Photos offers customized details every step of the way.